1O13 14.10 SuO Glasgow Central – Poole (1999)

1O13 14.10 SuO Glasgow Central – Poole (1999)

12th April 2019 1 By Matt Carroll

On Sunday 4th July, Virgin Cross Country found themselves short of a loco for their mid-afternoon departure from Glasgow. EWS were able to assist by hiring-out 90031, but this was only available as far as Carlisle, as it was required back in Scotland for sleeper duties. Remarkably, DRS’s 20313 and 20314 were hired to work the train forward as far as Preston, where 47845 was able to take over. You have been hired to Virgin to drive the service as their drivers naturally do not sign these locos. Year : 1999.

Requirements :

keithmross (Steam) :
WCML over Shap route
WCML North route

Armstrong Powerhouse :
Sky and Weather enhancement pack
Class 86 / 87 sound pack
Class 90 / mk.3 DVT pack
Mark 2d-2f coach pack
Class 142 pack
HST Valenta enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
Class 158 (Cummins) enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
Class 150/2 pack
AP40 GEML scenario pack extra stock (Class 86 liveries)

RSC Class 86 pack

Just Trains :
Class 20 advanced
Seacow (static consist only)

Oovee class 156 pack
DP Simulation North West Regional Railways class 156 reskin pack
EWS Simulation Class 87 Virgin Trains livery pack
HST branded Virgin and Virgin XC reskins by ASH992478, available on alanthomsonsim.com

I hope you enjoy this scenario.