ECML Valenta

ECML Valenta

12th April 2019 3 By ABScenarios

Set during the summer of 1993, take a Valenta engine Intercity HST from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh calling at a number of stations along the way.

Length: Approximately 5 hours


ECML South
East Coast main Line (Newcastle York)
ECML Modern York Peterborough
Liverpool Manchester
South London Network
North London and Goblin Lines
Portsmouth Direct Line (old)
European Loco Asset pack
Class 150
Class 159 NSE
TS Marketplace Class 365 NSE
Class 91
Class 156

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 43 Valenta
Class 91
Class 150/1
Class 150/2
Class 142
Class 158 Perkins
Class 314/315 pack
Sky and Weather Enhancement

Just Trains:
Newcastle Edinburgh

ECML North East
ECML South

East Coast Mainline Merge route

Signal at the end of gasworks tunnel you will need to tab.
The signal at Peterborough Down main will be red and the signal prior to this is missing, will need to tab.
Random Red signal South of Colton Junction, Make sure your setting are set so the game DOESN’T end if you SPAD.
Signal at Newcastle P2 can be occasionally funny,t ab if red.
Random Yellow signal Between Almouth and Berwick.
Spots with no wires between Berwick and Edinburgh.

Whist i have done my best the recreate what would’ve been present in 1993, this is well before my era but i have tried my best using Youtube to match the era as far as my DLC library has allowed. Any info or improvements on what would’ve ran in 1993 that isn’t included or vise versa is much appreciated but i tried my best.

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Any feedback, improvements or constructive criticism is much appreciated