Class 90 Freightliner Grey (Modern)

Class 90 Freightliner Grey (Modern)

11th February 2020 0 By Bodge It TMD

Freightliner Class 90s can still be seen operating in their original 1990s grey livery. Naturally over the course of
20+ years, their appearance has started to differ from ex-works condition. Most notably the removal of BR Double Arrows & depot plaques and the general fading of the paintwork. This pack is an attempt at recreating this present-day worn appearance.

What’s Included?
– Cleaner 2000s/2010s variant
– Dirtier 2010s/2020s variant with ‘Zero Injuries’ decals

– AP Class 90/Mk3 DVT Pack

– A Readme is included with more details and instructions, please read it carefully!

– Absolutely enormous thank you to Lewis Clowes for his assistance, bogie textures, batch file wizardry and .lua script. These would not have been possible to create without this.