7A09, 07:12 Merehead Quarry-Acton T.C (JUMBO)

7A09, 07:12 Merehead Quarry-Acton T.C (JUMBO)

9th February 2020 0 By Robin Price

You don’t need a lot for this. Requirements are

SouthWestern expressway+Reading extension

DTG Medway Valley line
Class 801

UKTS class 59 aggregate industry

Armstrong Powerhouse JHA wagons

DPS Mendip Rail box wagons

Superalbs Class 166 Gwr/Plain blue
Class 800

I think that’s all. apologies if i forgot something.

So guys. This is my biggest scenario yet. In this one, we drive a class 59, number 59005 from the foot of the Mendip hills to Reading, with only a stop at Woodborough loops. This train is 40wagons long and roughly 4000tonnes. You need to be on top of your driving game for this one. Please note, YOUR MAX SPEED IS 45MPH. GOOD LUCK, AND ENJOY.