[CH] 1Z52 “Airean Raider” 15:35 Leeds – Cardiff Central (2006)

[CH] 1Z52 “Airean Raider” 15:35 Leeds – Cardiff Central (2006)

5th June 2023 1 By 45596 Bahamas

This is a scenario for the WCML Midlands and Northwest route available on ATS (for Phase 4 or later).

You begin the scenario at Wigan North Western after a passenger drop off and a driver swap. Take 50049 and 50031 on Pathfinder’s “Airean Raider” diesel railtour, which originated at Cardiff early this morning, down to Stafford where another driver will take over. However, you are already 10 minutes late, see if you can make this back up again. Watch out for yellows as you allow higher priority traffic through, enjoy the run south. – 16th December 2006.

Approx length: 45 minutes.


AP Class 50
AP Class 66 EP
AP Class 86 EP
AP Class 350 EP
AP FSA Wagon
AP JNA-C Wagon
AP Mk1 Pack
AP Mk2A-C Pack
BLS Riviera Trains Mk1 reskins
ATS Blue Pullman Mk1 Catering vehicle reskins
JT Class 220/221 ‘Voyager’
MJW 390 Revamp pack
Thomson Trent Valley

NON-ESSENTIAL Requirements:

AP Class 67 EP
Settle Carlisle

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