(BR 80s) 16:02 Richmond To North Woolwich – 2EBP

(BR 80s) 16:02 Richmond To North Woolwich – 2EBP

3rd February 2019 0 By Bogart259

The year is 1987, when trains were trains, and little 2-EBP electric units would spend their days travelling back and forth between Richmond and North Woolwich.

Nothing like it is today, back then it was little more than a little back water line that crossed the north surburbs of North London. How times have changed.

So in this scenario you will be driving a 2-EBP unit from Richmond to North Woolwich, stopping at all stations along the way, running along the awesome backdated North London Line route.

And make sure that you keep to the timetable, otherwise you will miss lots of surprises that pop up along the way.

To run this scenario, you will need the following content:

Train Simulator: BR Blue Diesel Electric Pack Loco Add-On
Train Simulator: European Loco & Asset Pack
Train Simulator: Isle of Wight Route Add-On
Train Simulator: BR Class 101 DMU Add-On
Class 313 Electric Multiple Unit Pack
Class 416 ‘Blue Grey/NSE’ – reskin
NLL, WLL & GOBLIN: Backdated (Please note that this will have it’s own requirements as well)