(BR 80s) 15:00 ’90’ Weymouth Quay to London Waterloo – 26th August 1985

(BR 80s) 15:00 ’90’ Weymouth Quay to London Waterloo – 26th August 1985

29th July 2019 2 By Bogart259

The date is the 26th of August 1985.

Today you are in charge of the 15:00 Weymouth Quay to London Waterloo, with the head code of 90, which today is being worked by 33061 and 73117 from Bournemouth.

Why we have both locos is because the 08:45 London Waterloo to Bournemouth (with 4REP 3003) had failed before departure at Waterloo, and so 73117 was then pinched to assist it (in passenger service) to Bournemouth. This left the 09:40 London Waterloo to Weymouth Quay Boat train with no engine and so 33061 was pinched to do the honours.

Hence the up Boat Train was worked by 33061 and 73117 from Bournemouth in order to get them both back to London Waterloo the same evening.

You are due to leave at Bournemouth’s Platform 2, where you will wait until your train’s departure time of 16:23.

Your next stopping point today will be Southampton Central, some 30 minutes later.

During testing, I found that the signal for platform 2 shows red, and doesn’t change. Can’t work out why, and pressing the TAB key doesn’t change it. But you can proceed quite happily without getting a SPAD.

All other AI trains are based on workings featured in the All Lines Timetable from 1985, apart from the odd one or two added for good measure.

To run this scenario, you will need the following content:

BR Class 422 ‘4BIG’ EMU Add-On
BR Class 423 ‘4VEP’ EMU Add-On
DTG European Loco & Asset Pack
DTG South Western Main Line: Southampton – Bournemouth Route Add-On
BR Blue Class 47 Pack (Pre 1985) (Vulcan Productions)
BR Blue Diesel Electric Pack Loco Add-On