7Z88 15:30 Whatley to Rockingham Road Bridge [Class 37] (1997)

7Z88 15:30 Whatley to Rockingham Road Bridge [Class 37] (1997)

12th April 2022 8 By Matthias

In 1997 EWS combined forces with MendipRail to provide regular supplies of stone for the construction of a new storage and distribution facility for Honda at Avonmouth. On an afternoon in June, you drive 7Z88 from Bath Westmoreland Road to Avonmouth Bulk Terminal.
The scenario is based on the Freightmaster Review and the original 1997 WTTs with some little changes due to gameplay reasons. I recommend you to play in 64bit-mode only due to the amount of ai-trains.

Route: JT Western Mainlines
Track covered: Bath Westmoreland Road to Avonmouth Bulk Terminal
Duration: 45-50 min
Month/Year: 06/1997
Start Time: 16:33
Difficulty: medium
Player train: Class 37 AP
Additional information: Be reminded that there is an unmarked 15 mph speed restriction at Filton Jn. Please remember that your speed limit is 45 mph.


• JT Western Mainlines
• Class 37 Vol. 1 & 2
• Class 43 (Valenta) EP
• Class 150/2
• Class 158 (Cummins) EP
• JTA/JUA/PTA Wagon Pack
• HKA/JMA Wagon Pack*
• AP Weather & Sky EP*
• AP Track EP*
+all essential requirements
• Class 60 Advanced
• IWB Cargowaggon
• VGA Wagon Pack*
• BR Provincial Sector Class 143 (+ Riviera Line)
• BDA 80t Bogie Bolster Wagon Pack
• Class 43 Revamp Pack
• Class 143 Revamp Pack