Class 66 G&W Freightliner

Class 66 G&W Freightliner

20th June 2023 3 By Bodge It TMD

Version 1.0

Wait a minute… Bodge It TMD…? Freightliner…? Shed…? Oh no I’ve seen this one before *flashbacks intensify*. Yes, they’re back, they’re better in pretty much every measurable way and hopefully, unlike the other ones, they actually work. There also aren’t 100+ of them this time, only five. No green ones yet, just nice shade of orange ones, wrong shade of orange ones and OMG my eyes! pink ONEs. Oh, and they’re also easier to install, none of that ‘if this, drag that, if not, drag something else’ malarkey.

What’s Included?
– G&W Freightliner orange livery (including 66413’s disgusting shade of orange)
– ONE pink livery
– Standard and ‘Low Emission’ bodies used
– Accurate detail and variation between each loco
– 3D nameplates

and more!

– Steam: Powerhaul Class 66 V2.0 Loco Add-On
– Steam: WCML Trent Valley Route Add-On
– AP: Class 66 Enhancement Pack
– ATS: Class 66 LED Headlights

– A detailed manual is included with the full pack details and instructions you need, please read it carefully!

– Clowes – Assistance throughout, nameplate and decal vectors, texture bits, testing
– James Ivell – Class 66 LED Headlights pack, L3s for ‘Low Emission’ body