[KWS] 1E16 Edinburgh – London Kings Cross (Subscription Only)

[KWS] 1E16 Edinburgh – London Kings Cross (Subscription Only)

20th June 2023 2 By Follower Kieran

[KWS] 1E16 Edinburgh – London Kings Cross

By KW Simulation


This scenario puts you in charge of 1E16 between York and London Kings Cross. It’s a nice sunny afternoon with no issues reported along the line. Sit back and enjoy the drive. The scenario is roughly 2 hours in length and will give you a relaxing drive to London Kings Cross.

Calling Points

Your calling points for this scenario are as followed:

York Dep – 15:33
Doncaster Arr – 15:54
Doncaster Dep – 15:56
Newark Northgate Arr – 16:18
Newark Northgate Dep – 16:20
Peterborough Arr – 16:47
Peterborough Dep – 16:49
London Kings Cross Arr – 17:48


Any requirements marked with a * are optional but do enhance the experience of the scenario.

ATS ECML Leeds Lines Merge
ATS Class 185
AP Class 158 EP
AP Weather EP 2.0
AP Class 91 EP
AP Class 387 EP
AP Class 700 EP
AP Class 66 EP
AP Class 170 EP
AP Class 80x EP
AP FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
AP Signal EP
Clowes Class 170 EMR Reskin Pack
Clowes Class 158 Northern Variants
DTG Class 180
Intercity 225 VTEC/LNER Pack
JT Voyager