2L79 1550 Peterborough to Ipswich

2L79 1550 Peterborough to Ipswich

22nd February 2021 3 By Adam Forsyth

This is my first public release from the ATS Cambridge to Peterborough route, hope you enjoy

You are working a local service from Peterborough to Ipswich as far as Ely. You are
calling at all the local stations, including Whittlesea, March, Manea and ely where
you hand over to an Ipswich crew. The booked Turbostar for this service failed on
Crown Point depot so a trusty Class 156 has been sent to cover. Based June 2017

To make the scenario work as intened, you need the following requirements;

Alan Thomson Sim Peterborough to Cambridge route
Alan Thomson Sim VTEC IC225 pack

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 156 DMU Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 317 Vol. 1 EMU Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 158 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 170 Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 365 Enhancement Pack

Steam European Assets Pack (included with Train Simulator if purchased before

Vulcan Productions Cross Country Class 170 Livery Pack

Highly Recommended but not essential;

Chris Horsfieldโ€™s Class 170 destination blind packs for Greater Anglia and Cross
Armstrong Powerhouse Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack

This scenario has been fully tested however should you come across an issue then please report it to me and I will do my best to sort it out. All constructive feedback is welcome