2K45 17:05 Newbury to Reading

2K45 17:05 Newbury to Reading

18th August 2021 3 By Cactus732

After suffering cracking issues with their Hitachi AT300 fleet, GWR hired in Class 387s from C2C and GTR to supplement their own fleet covering some diagrams that would normally have been run by the damaged IETs. This evening you have C2Cs 387306 on the 17:05 Newbury to Reading shuttle.

Scenario Route: Martin Masterson (OnTrackSimulation) Southwestern Expressways to Reading Electric
Scenario Length: 30 Minutes


AP Class 377/379/387EP
AP Class 66EP
AP HKA/JMA Wagon Pack
Superalbs GWR Class 800/802
Superalbs GWR Class 166