2K25 09:50 Hayes-London Cannon Street (2012)

2K25 09:50 Hayes-London Cannon Street (2012)

16th January 2023 6 By Cactus732

Scenario Route: Niklas’ Steam Workshop Southeastern Network
Scenario Length: 40minutes
Track Covered: Hayes-London Cannon Street via Lewisham

On the 2012 WTT, Hayes to London services were split between Charing Cross and Cannon Street with the latter being served by services calling at all stations via Lewisham. In this scenario you’ll be in charge of Class 376030 leading 018, or if you don’t fancy the default 378 a version with trio of networkers is included, for your 10-car service to Cannon Street via Lewisham.

This scenario has been made using AP Signal EP, it should function without and any necesary TABs are included in the driver briefing.


AP Class 170EP*
AP Class 375EP
AP Class 455EP Volume 2^
AP Class 456
AP Class 465EP Volume 1 and 2
AP Signal EP
ATS Chris Horsfield 376 Destinations
ATS Chris Horsfield Networker Destinations
DTG Class 378 + Dannys Class 376 Reskin (http://alienworlds.co.uk/blog/downloads-page/)

*Static AI Not required for full functionality.

-Should work without destination patches but AI and player train may not show accurate destination information.

^I think I used the correct 455s this time, but the AzeezSim 455EP Update may be required if you have an error for missing 455s.