Donkey Hoovers

Donkey Hoovers

15th January 2023 4 By North East Scotland Railway videos


by Christian Wallace

Thank you for downloading, This is a fictional tour and uses touches of the current timetable week beginging 09/01/2023, has their is no 397s in Train sim I replaced with the 802s which are no strangers to running the nort of Preston section and no 331s so just used 319s in its place. Although the Tour de France 158 is not in this time frame I have included 1stly Cause I like it and 2ndly cause we can have it lol

These are mandatory for sceanrio to work

Class 50 Pack
390 Sound pack and MJW 390 revamp pack
158 enhancement packs and dependancies
Both Mark 2 packs
800 enhancment pack
150/1 enhancement and dependacies
AP weather

WCML South

online simulations
Northern lines electric v2

Tour de france 158 reskin

Back dated train sim


Not important has its stationary so f2 at start if it comes up

Back dated train sim
47 593