2J04 06:30 West Croydon to London Bridge c2015

2J04 06:30 West Croydon to London Bridge c2015

10th June 2020 0 By Cactus732

In another of my updated workshop scenarios, you’ll be in charge of 377604 between West Croydon and London Bridge on a foggy December Morning.

Scenario Route: South London to Brighton by Danny
Scenario Length: 40 Minutes


AP 375/377EP
AP 465/466EP and Hornsey Studios Southeastern 465 Pack (Currently Unavailable)
AP Class 319 Volume 2
AP Sky/Weather EP*
Steam Gatwick Express Class 442
Steam Southern Class 455/8
Steam Class 378 Capitalstar + Alienworlds Southeastern Class 376 Reskins

*=Not required for full functionality, but will not have the Fog shown in screenshots without it.

Note-I’m aware that the 377/6 isn’t fully simulated by the AP Pack, but it does work in a 5-car formation so please don’t bombard the comments telling me that it’s not a 377/6.