Portsmouth Direct Line Guildford to Portsmouth Harbour

Portsmouth Direct Line Guildford to Portsmouth Harbour

10th June 2020 8 By Eddiestobart17

Welcome to Portsmouth Direct Line!

This Line runs from Portsmouth Harbour to Waterloo in the Capital City of London.
This is a updated and different version of the Line and only goes as far as Guildford about 30miles south from London.

This is the Original Portsmouth Direct Line from Portsmouth Harbour and London Waterloo but has been made about 30miles shorter.

I have been Planning this project not quite new but Improved.



40miles of Track from Guildford to Portsmouth Harbour.

16 Stations On the Mainline Between Guildford and Portsmouth Harbour.

Updated Place’s Such as Guildford, Haslemere , Havant and Portsmouth.

Roads with Vehicles.

Removed about 30miles of Track and Scenery Between Guildford and London Waterloo.

Includes A Quick Drive Scenario You Can use any type of Train Diesel , DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) and EMU (Eclectic Multiple Unit) .


There will be Scenario’s Made for this ADD ON In the Future to Alan Thomson Sim.

The Scenario’s Might Require ADD ON’S from The Internet and Other Steam Store Routes.

This Route is In Development and is not finished and Will be Updated in the Future.

This Route is Also on Steam Workshop but is not this Version.

I hope you enjoy this Portsmouth Direct Line Guildford to Portsmouth!