1T54 18:18 London Marylebone-Oxford

1T54 18:18 London Marylebone-Oxford

1st April 2020 2 By Cactus732

Take the controls of 68010 “Oxford Flyer” leading “The Oxford Flyer”, the 18:18 Chiltern Mainline Silver Service from Marylebone to Oxford, in the thick of the evening peak.

Scenario Route Part 1: JT Chiltern Mainline
Scenario Length Part 1: 55 Minutes

Scenario Route Part 2: JT Western Mainlines Oxford-Bicester Extenstion
Scenario Length Part 2: 20 Minutes

Requirements (All)

DTG Class 68 + AP Enhancement Pack
AP Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies
APW Class 90 + VP Chiltern Mk3 DVT
VP Chiltern Mk3 Patch

Requirements (Pt.1 Only)

Virtual District Line*
James Ivell (ATS) Chiltern Mk3 Slam Door*

Requirements (Pt.2 Only)

Superalbs GWR Class 166 + Dependencies
AP MTU HST Enhancement pack

*=optional for LU or static AI