1F05 06:33 St Pancras International-Scarborough

1F05 06:33 St Pancras International-Scarborough

1st April 2020 5 By Robbo13

1F05 06:33 St Pancras International-Scarborough (Summer 2019)

How to Install
1. Extract using 7zip
2. Copy scenario file into Leeds Lines scenarios folder
3. Should be done.

Morning driver, today you will be driving a Summer Saturday East Midlands Trains service to Scarborough from Doncaster. You will be driving as far as York.
You will have to TAB past two signals:
1. Leaving Doncaster P8
2. Colton Jn
Do not TAB past the signal
1. On the approach to York you may get held if you are running early. Wait at the signal until it changes to Yellow.


Leeds Lines
Class 222 Destination Upgrade by Clowes
Class 43 Scotrail 7cities
Fuller Simulations 185
LNER/VTEC 225 Pack
LNER/VTEC 125 Pack
T7 Translator

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 150/2
Class 158 EP
Class 175 EP
Class 321 EP
Class 43 MTU EP
Class 67 EP
Class 91 EP
FSA Wagon Pack*
JXA Wagon Pack*

South Wales Coastal (Bristol-Cardiff)
Class 66 Pack 03*
Class 67 Pack 01
Class 91 Pack 01
Class 159 Pack 01
Class 180 Pack 01
European Assets Pack

Just Trains
Class 153

Class 153 Revamp Pack

All DLC shown with * is only for yard assets. The scenario will still function correctly without these.