1M79 16:47 Reading – Liverpool Lime Street

1M79 16:47 Reading – Liverpool Lime Street

20th December 2020 11 By mattyjamesss87

This is a scenario for the WCML ‘Missing Link’ route which is my most detailed scenario to date

It’s Summer 1998 and you are in control of Virgin XC 86248 on it’s journey from Reading – Liverpool. The 86 was put on at Stafford. You join the train at Crewe where you will take it on its final leg to Liverpool, making one stop at Runcorn. **NOTE** I Have done my best to recreate the trains / services from 1998, not all AI will be 100% accurate but i have used books and Flickr to try and make it accurate as possible.

Class 86
Class 325
WCML Over Shap
Class 92
Liverpool – Manchester

Class 86 EP
Class 90 / MK3 DVT
Class 90 / Freightliner Pack
Class 142
Class 150/2
Class 158 Perkins EP
Class 92 Sound Pack
MK1 Coach Vol.1
MK2D-F Coach
BAA /BZA Wagon

WCML Missing Link (+ Associated Requirements)