1Z29 Liverpool to London Footex Special

1Z29 Liverpool to London Footex Special

19th December 2020 5 By Stenkil

Hi everyone! This scenario is takes place on WCML Trent Valley route. You are assigned to take this service as far as Hillmorton junction. No major delays or disruption reported.

Scenario name: 1Z29 09:47 Liverpool Lime Street to London Euston
Route: WCML Trent Valley
Traction: Freightliner 90016 & DVT 82162
Start and end locations: Stafford and Hillmorton Jn.
Duration: 35-40 minutes
Year: 2012



1. Class 86
2. Class 66 v2.0 (All versions)
3. Class 92
4. WCML Trent Valley
5. Class 390 Original
6. Class 170
7. Portsmouth Direct Line

Armstrong Powerhouse:

1. Class 66 EP
2. Class 86 EP
3. Class 168/170/171 EP
4. FSA/FTA wagon pack
8. Class 90 Mk3 DVT
9. Class 90 Freightliner

Just Trains:

1. Class 67 adv & car carriers


1. Freightliner Class 66 Pack – v2.1
3. Class 390 (No Driver Versions & Updated Consists)

Major Wales Design:

1. Virgin Trains MK3 Pretendolino Pack*


1. Class 390 Horgy reskin
2. Less CO2 container reskin*

BH reskins:

1. Class 66 Stobart Rail


1. You must have all the requirements for the scenario to work as intended.
2. This is a rolling end scenario so at Hillmorton junction emergency brakes will be applied automatically.
3. Requirements marked with star have dependencies which have been mentioned in the list. Others if not mentioned can be found in their requirements list.
4. Copy the Content folder to your Railworks directory and the scenario will be installed.