1L66 13:29 SWA-PAD Part 2

1L66 13:29 SWA-PAD Part 2

23rd June 2020 2 By Jonathan Molyneux

After their introduction to the Great Western Mainline nearly 8 months ago, IET’s are still plagued by many teething faults and are still playing second fiddle to HST’s with the later still holding down most of the turns. On a wet spring afternoon you’ll be taking 1L66 the 13:29 departure from Swansea to London Paddington calling at: Neath, Port Talbot Parkway, Bridgend, Cardiff Central, Newport, Bristol Parkway, Swindon, Reading and London Paddington. This is still a solid HST turn but doesn’t have many weeks left as the introduction of the new guard is ramped up over the summer of 2018 and many Swansea services have already become plastic. In part 2 you’ll will be travelling Bristol Parkway and London Paddington. Please note this is a scenario for the Western Mainlines Electrification Project not the original JT route, I have also tested this scenario thoroughly as some people have issues on Western Mainlines. So if you are experiencing issues it is not a scenario fault it is just Western Mainlines playing up.

Duration: 90 minutes (Part 2)

Requirements (Part 2)

South Wales Coastal Swansea-Bristol
*European Loco & Asset Pack*
Class 66 EWS v2.0
Class 66 Freightliner v2.0
Class 801 Pack
Great Eastern Mainline: London-Ipswich
South Western Mainline: Southampton-Bournemouth
South London Network
Freightliner Class 57/0
West Coast Mainline Over Shap

*Class 43 HST MTU Enhancement Pack*
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack

Voyager Advanced

*Class 43 Improvement Patch*
*Western Mainlines Electrification Project* (And its essential requirements)
Night Riviera MK3 Coach Pack
HST: GWR ‘Sticker Express’
HST: GWR ‘Welshman’
HST: GWR 43093 ‘Old Oak Common’

*Class 43 Revamp Pack*
Class 360 Heathrow Connect
Class 360 Heathrow Express

Class 166 GWR
Class 166 FGW Blue
Class 800/802 GWR
Class 387 GWR

Western Region Class 57/6 Pack
FGW Class 43 ‘43172’
GBRf 66783 and 66788

BH Reskins
43027 ’90 Glorious Years’

The DLC marked with asterisks (*) are required for the basic functionality of the scenario. Other DLC adds to the realism and intended experience in the scenario.

For Part 1 of the scenario select ‘South Wales Main Line (GWML to Swansea)’ on the drop-down menu in the scenario page and look for:
1L66 13:29 SWA-PAD Part 1.

To start the installation of the scenario, unzip the .7z file.