1V52 08:40 Newcastle to Paignton c2005 Pt.1

1V52 08:40 Newcastle to Paignton c2005 Pt.1

23rd June 2020 0 By Cactus732

During their tenure as franchise holder of the cross-country services, Virgin Trains extended some of their normal diagrams to Exeter and Plymouth to Paington and Newquay on Summer Saturdays to cater to holiday traffic. Due to the popularity of these services additional capacity was required, fortunately Midland Mainline and GNER had lower HST utilization on Saturdays so sets were hired in from both operators to cover the service. You will be in charge of the 08:40 Newcastle to Paignton service formed of a GNER set led by 43116.

Scenario Route: DPS-ECML Northeast (last version BEFORE they released Northeast England)
Scenario Length: 1hr 15 Minutes


AP Valenta HST EP + James Ivell (ATS) HST Improvement Patch
AP Class 91 EP + James Ivell (ATS) 91/Mk4 Improvement Patch
AP Class 158 Cummins EP
AP Class 56 EP
AP Class 66 EP
AP Class 156*
APW Class 142 + Majorwales Class 142 Revamp Pack
AP HHA Wagon Pack*
AP HIA Wagon Pack*
AP JNA-C Wagon Pack*
JT JJA Autoballaster*
JT Class 20 for RHTT*
JT Voyager + Leander (ATS) Updated Voyager Consists
Steam Class 325 + BodgeitTMD Royal Mail Pack*
Steam Class A3 Flying Scotsman
UKTrainsim Freeware British Wagon Pack*

*=Static AI not required for full functionality.

I plan on ultimately covering the full journey across Leeds Lines, MML Sheffield-Derby, XCRoute, Western Mainlines and Riviera Line bu will release each part individually as I finish them.