10:20 1Z44 Littlehampton – Brighton ‘Ore No More’

10:20 1Z44 Littlehampton – Brighton ‘Ore No More’

2nd January 2024 9 By GeorgeBeany

Route: The Sussex Lines (West Worthing – Brighton)
Traction: Class 50 50008 & 50007
Date: 23rd April 2022


Afternoon Driver, a lovely splendid day here in the South Coast.

Some fun and interesting traction is heading around Sussex’s in the form of Class 50 50008 ‘Thunderer’ and 50007 ‘Hurcules’ on ‘The Ore No More’ tour organised by Branch Line Society.

You are tasked with taking the Hoovers to Brighton stopping at Hove for 15 minutes to get your path into P2 at Brighton, its also a bonus leg stretch for the passengers of the tour.

Enjoy your trip along the West Coastway on a pleasant sunny April morning!

(Please note the 15 minute wait at Hove, you can use async keys or grab a cuppa if you like to!)


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