Working Timetable Scenarios WTT Scenario Pack 03 update

5th September 2020 Off By Alan Thomson Simulation


Version 1.1 update 23/01/2020 :

  • 1C11 scenario updated following upgrade of base route to version 1.01 and erratum in briefing notes corrected.
  • Alternative version of 1A51 scenario added featuring newer Armstrong Powerhouse Mark 1 coaches.
  • 5F48 scenario to correct routing issue at Sheffield.

Version 2 update 16/03/2020 :

  • Alternative version of 1C11 scenario featuring the Derwent Valley route from Matlock.
  • New scenario (2F25 / 2F26) featuring a round trip on the Derwent Valley route.

Version 2.1 update 03/09/2020 :

  • Alternative version of 1V64 scenario featuring Armstrong Powerhouse Mark 1 coaches.
  • Alternative version of 1M99 scenario featuring Armstrong Powerhouse Class 37 Locomotive Pack Volume 2.
  • South Wales Coastal Bristol to Cardiff route no longer a requirement.

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