1F01 08:20 London Euston-Liverpool Lime Street

1F01 08:20 London Euston-Liverpool Lime Street

4th August 2021 6 By Cactus732

In 2017 engineering works between Weaver Junction and Allerton Junction on the West Coast Mainline led to diversions via Chat Moss for East Midlands Trains to Norwich, TPE to Scarborough and Virgin Trains to London Euston. You joined 1F01 at Stockport as the lead driver for the last leg of the journey to Liverpool and are currently awaiting a path through the Castlefield Corridor. You are booked nonstop, but regular services will take precedence over your diverted service so don’t expect a clear run.

AI is based on the 2017 Working Timetable.

Scenario Route: ATS Chat Moss
Scenario Length: 45 Minutes


WCMLS + BHReskins (ATS) Virgin Trains Farewell Class 390 Pack
AP Class 350EP + James Ivell (ATS) Class 350 Cab and Pass View Patch
JT Voyager + Leander (ATS) Updated Voyager Consists
Fullersim (ATS) Class 185 Pack
AP Class 150/1 EP
AP Class 150/2
DTG Cross City Line + Olli35 (ATS) Northern Rail Class 323*
APW Class 142 + Majorwales Class 142 revamp pack
AP Class 158 Perkins EP
AP Class 175EP Version 2.0
AP Class 319
NYMR (ATS) Drax Biomass Wagons*

*=static AI not required for full functionality