(FGN) 1Z32 06:05 East Midlands Parkway – Margate

(FGN) 1Z32 06:05 East Midlands Parkway – Margate

5th August 2021 0 By Fred GN

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Drive part of Branch Line Society’s “The Thanet Thunderer” from Bletchley to Willesden Junction utlising a pair of Class 50s in GBRF Livery. This scenario will give you a chance to reach 100mph on these powerful locomotives. To ensure the scenario functions correctly you will require the following:

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 50 Locomotive Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 375-377 Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Wherry Lines
Armstrong Powerhouse Mk1 Coach Pack V1
Armstrong Powerhouse Mk2 D-F Coach Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Mk2 A-C Coach Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 350 Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Track Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Sky/Weather Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 390 Soundpack
Armstrong Powerhouse FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
Alan Thomson Simulation Class 350 (AP) Destinations Pack
Alan Thomson Caledonian Sleeper Mk3A Sleeper Pack and requirements
Alan Thomson Caledonian Sleeper Class 92
JustTrains Class 220/221 Voyager Advanced
DTG Portsmouth Direct – London to Portsmouth
DTG Chatham Main Line
DTG Class 92 EWS
DTG Class 66 Freightliner 2.0
Major Wales Design Class 390 Revamp Pack

That should be all the requirements, enjoy the scenario!