Just Trains S7+1 Updated to v1.06

5th March 2022 Off By Alan Thomson Simulation

S7+1 Advanced Changelog

Latest Update: 28/02/2022

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


– S7+1 Train 442 Aldgate – Amersham – Fixed an AI collision between two trains near Neasden

– S7+1 Train 436 Uxbridge – Harrow on the Hill – Fix to the start task so it does not end early. This was resulting in passing an AI stationary outside of Uxbridge


– Stock position adjusted very slightly in all scenarios to allow them to work with Version 1.02 of the Metropolitan Line.

This update will require you to download the update to the Met Line

v1.03 – 07/05/2020

– Missing de-icer dot for cab rectified.

– Wrong colour de-icer dots for cab front and carriage side corrected.


– Non-operating auto-numbering for carriages now operational.

– De-icing trains now identified by white dot on cab exterior.

– De-icing carriage units now identified by blue dot on the side of the de-ice car.

– Non-operating de-ice function on TCMS screen now operational.


– Updated a small section of the manual that details the destination and radio centre codes in users own scenarios

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