Maritime & PD Ports Class 66s

Maritime & PD Ports Class 66s

13th June 2019 0 By Clowes

DB have reliveried 7x Class 66s into Maritime Intermodal colours, each with its own nameplate. Another has been reskinned into a PD Ports livery. For me, reskinning GBRf’s Maritime shed was natural progression.

What’s included?
9 Class 66s
66005 Maritime Intermodal One (DB)
66047 Maritime Intermodal Two (DB)
66142 Maritime Intermodal Three (DB)
66051 Maritime Intermodal Four (DB)
66162 Maritime Intermodal Five (DB)
66090 Maritime Intermodal Six (DB)
66148 Maritime Intermodal Seven (DB)
66109 Teesport Express (DB) PD Ports
66727 Maritime One (GBRf)

Class 66 v2.0 EWS
Class 66 v2.0 Freightliner
AP Class 66 EP
Class 66 LED Headlights

01/02/2020 17:20
Added Maritime Intermodal Five, Six and Seven.
Revised shade of blue on 66109
New LED textures
Removal of logos from main texture, added to child objects
Added child objects with correct Autostart, TOPS data and safety labels
Added side numbers to all DB sheds.

A massive massive thank you to BodgeItTMD for allowing me to utilise his child objects!