2J68 0855 Norwich-Lowesoft

2J68 0855 Norwich-Lowesoft

15th June 2019 Off By TheWestAnglian

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Drive 2J68 from Norwich-Lowesoft, service may be slightly delayed so you may not be able to keep to the timetable
NOTE: Due to the timetable, there is not much AI traffic in the scenario (as per reality on the
wherry lines)
Norwich – 0855
Oulton Broad North – 0925
Lowesoft – 0932

Routes: ESSENTIAL Wherry Lines (any version),
Settle – Carlisle (for DRS Class 37),
Rolling Stock: ESSENTIAL Class 156 (Steam),
Class 153 (JustTrains), Class 90 (Steam) Class 159 (Steam)
Class 158 (Perkins) Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)

ESSENTIAL: Class 156 Greater Anglia (Superalbs) http://superalbs.weebly.com/class156greateranglia.html
ESSENTIAL: ALL Armstrong Powerhouse Wherry Lines Extra Stock packs (you have to have ALL the scenario packs in order for the extra stock to work)