(WJ) 2Y13 07:15 London Waterloo to Southampton Central

(WJ) 2Y13 07:15 London Waterloo to Southampton Central

11th November 2023 0 By WelshyJim

In this scenario you will be driving a pair of 450’s from London Waterloo to Havant, where another driver will take over and continue the journey to Southampton Central. There has been no disruption reported so far today, so it looks like you should have a clear run down the PDL.


Armstrong Powerhouse:
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0
Signal Enhancement Pack
Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancment Pack*
Class 375/377 Enhancment Pack*
Class 377/379/387 Enhancment Pack*
Class 444/450 Enhancment Pack*
Class 455 Enhancment Pack Vol. 2*

Alan Thomson Sim:
PDL (Updated) V 1.4 by YBZG*
Class 158/159 SWR-SWT Desinations patch by Chris Horsefield*

SWR 444-450 Reskin Pack 2.1 by AzeezSim*
SWR 158/159 Reskin Pack 2 by AzeezSim*

All requirments marked with a * require their own requirments

Due to Train Sim limitations it is reccomended you warm the game up first by driving another scenario on the route for a few minutes.

Special thanks goes to YBZG for the creating the route update and help with livery and route knowledge.

Thank you to Adam Samuel for testing the scenario.

This scenario was created by WelshyJim.