1A95 16:49 Brighton to London Victoria c2003

1A95 16:49 Brighton to London Victoria c2003

6th June 2020 1 By Cactus732

After the resolution of the Railtrack saga and the creation of Network Rail, necessary upgrade work has been completed on the Brighton Mainline and South Central Trains are finally able to introduce their new Electrostar Units. You will be in charge of a pair of them on the 16:49 service from Brighton to Victoria, a service dubbed “Connex Express” under the previous franchise holder with only 2 station calls at East Croydon and Clapham Junction.

Scenario Route: Danny’s South London to Brighton
Scenario Length: 1hr

Note: Player Train timings are from the 2003 Southern Timetable, all AI is prototypical stock loosely allocated to the 2020 timetable.


AP Class 375/377EP (Player Train)
AP Class 168/170/171EP
AP Class 319 Volume 2
AP Class 450/444EP
AP Class 465/465EP Volume 1
AP Class 205
APW Class 456
Steam Class 421 + Rfletcher72 (DPSimulation) Connex Reskins
Steam Southern Class 421
Steam Class 423 + Rfletcher72 (DPSimulation) Connex Reskins + James Ivell (ATS) South West Trains Reskin
Steam Gatwick Express Class 442 + James Ivell (ATS) Southwest Trains Reskin (Original NOT Post C6)
Steam Portsmouth Direct London Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour + Chris Horsfield (ATS) Class 455/8 Reskin Pack
Steam Gatwick Express Class 73
Steam European Loco & Asset Pack

*This scenario has only been tested in 64Bit, it is very resource intensive particularly between East Croydon and Clapham Junction, so plan accordingly with your settings.