(WJ) 1W64 15:04 Milford Haven to Manchester Piccadilly

(WJ) 1W64 15:04 Milford Haven to Manchester Piccadilly

10th August 2023 0 By WelshyJim

In this scenario you will be operating 158830 on part of its journey from Milford Haven to Manchester Piccadilly. You will take over the journey at Swansea and drive it as far as Shrewsbury. There are storms in the South Wales area at the moment but as you begin to head up north, the weather should clear.

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 158 Perkins Enhancment Pack
Class 175 Enhancment Pack
Class 56 Enhancment Pack
Class 66 Enhancment Pack
Class 67 Enhancment Pack
Class 91 Enhancment Pack
Class 800 Enhancment Pack
Class 170 Enhancment Pack (Static only)
Class 43 (MTU) Enhancment Pack
Class 37 Volume 2 Pack (Static only)
Class 150/2 Pack
BAA Wagon Pack
HIA Wagon Pack
JNA Wagon Pack
JPA Wagon Pack
TDA-D Wagon Pack
Mark2 A-C Coach Pack (Static only)
Mark 2 D-F Coach Pack (Static only)
Signal Enhancement Pack
Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0 (for weather to work as intended)

Alan Thomson Sim:
Transport for Wales Class 158 reskin by Clowes
West Midlands Trains Class 170 reskin by Clowes (Static only)
Class 66 no driver pack by Leander
Class 150/2 Northern (Transport for Wales Destinations) by the GWRAILFAN

Major Wales Design:
Class 153 Revamp Pack
Transport for Wales MK4 Wag Pack
Class 153 TFW reskin

Multi Puprose Vehicle (Static only)

Class 166 Great Western Railway reskin

BYA ‘EWS’ Reskin by Richard Fletcher

JH Scenarios:
IHA Railion Reskin

South Wales Coastal
Welsh Marches

Steam Workshop:
Unbranded South Wales and Marches merge

One known issue is that if you save the scenario at one point and reload, the AI at Newport that uses Platform 2 will not move beyond the end of the platform.

2.0 Signal at Hereford should now turn green.