1S38 07:25 Manchester Airport-Edinburgh

1S38 07:25 Manchester Airport-Edinburgh

15th October 2021 0 By Robbo13

1S38 07:25 Manchester Airport-Edinburgh

Morning driver, today you are in charge of 1S38 07:25 Manchester Airport-Edinburgh from Preston to Carlisle, with a few stops on route. Being in the North, you can expect the weather to change at any moment! Year=2016

How to Install
1. Extract using 7zip
2. Copy Contents into Railworks
3. Done!

Route: WCML over Shap


Armstrong Powerhouse
BR Mk1*
Class 43 MTU EP*
Class 66 EP
Class 142*
Class 150/1 EP
Class 150/2
Class 156
Class 158C EP*
Class 319*
Class 350
Class 390 SP
Class 37 Vol 2.*
JNA Wagons
JPA Wagons
Weather EP

Class 185
GoldStarTrains Tamper*

Class 150/1
Class 66 Pack 02
Class 66 Pack 03
Class 70
Portsmouth Direct Line (London Waterloo-Portsmouth)(For 350 EP)
WCML South
WCML Trent Valley
Construction Asset Pack**

HQA Post Railtrack Autoballaster reskin
MJA Freightliner branding pack

Just Trains
Common Library (Anything after Newcastle-Edinburgh should be fine)

Class 142 Revamp Pack*
Class 390 WCML South Revamp Pack

RES Mk1 reskin*

Class 57 DRS Compass Blue*

Those marked with * are for static AI only and the scenario will run without these.
Those marked with ** are included for a certain reason, when the scenario is set, Carlisle was going under renovation works and therefore this has been modelled in this scenario- albeit not exact, but hopefully shows what was happening at the time.

I think that is everything. If anything is missing or you have any issues then please let me know and I will do my best to fix it. Enjoy!