Western Main Lines Electrification Project – Phase 1

Western Main Lines Electrification Project – Phase 1

2nd June 2021 25 By Windows CP

The Evolution of Great Western Simulation

Drive an Electric Class 800 from London Paddington all the way out to Bristol!
or take a Class 387 Electrostar from Didcot to London!

Western Main Lines Electrification Project aims to Electrify the whole of Western Main Lines!

Currently, Electrification goes out to Bristol via Bath

NOTE: OHLE is not in most places. There are some places, but most do not. by Release Canidate, we aim to have it in as Many Places Possible. However, you can still drive a Electric Train to Bristol.


Electrification to Penzance
OHLE Expansion
Electrification to Cardiff

Extension to Swansea (Maybe)

Electrification to Oxford
3rd Rail Electrification to Bicester (I know this is not true to life, but given the 2 above sections are not electrifed in Real Life, this is how I see it being)

This Route Needs

Western Main Lines + All the Extensions (Important) and its dependencies

London – Faversham (for OHLE. route will work without, but you will have no OHLE)

The only Scenarios included are test Scenarios. I aim to have normal scenarios at Full Release