TS2020 Scenario: 6E38 Scenario MML London to Bedford

TS2020 Scenario: 6E38 Scenario MML London to Bedford

4th May 2020 2 By BritishRail60062

Thank you for downloading my scenario that is a reworked scenario set in 1998 during the transition of times where trains would be still in ex-BR liveries and new operator liveries respectively. This scenario is dedicated to the Class 60 EWS/British Steel 60006 locomotive that was scrapped this year in 2020. This scenario uses the MML London to Bedford route.

The scenario is set in 1998 when EWS was a newly formed company that came in 1997 and all of the Class 60 fleet passed onto them. The scenario is where you will take a rake of empty tankers on an overcast evening and the the difficulty is medium because all passenger trains have a higher priority over your service.

You must the following add-ons installed for this scenario to work properly. I have also listed suggested add-ons for the best experience you will get from this scenario.

Armstrong Powerhouse
AP Class 43 HST VP185 and Valenta Enhancement Pack (BOTH ARE REQUIRED)
AP Class 319 Pack 2
AP TDA-D Tank Wagon Pack

Just Trains
Just Trains Class 60 Advanced Pack

Optional But Recommended
AP Track Enhancement Pack
AP Weather Enhancement Pack
AP Class 60 Sound Pack

The scenario has been tested and it is fully working. There are no known bugs but there is a lot of AI traffic in this scenario and it might be worth reducing settings if you are getting serious lag issues. I use medium settings on this scenario and it works fine on set up but it may not work on yours. You use this scenario at your own risk and no responsibility will be taken for any errors that may occur. Although I do not see any issues as long as the requirements for the scenario are met.

Please note that commercial use of this file (i.e: charging people to download) is strictly prohibited as this is released as freeware. This does not apply to YouTubers etc using this on a let’s play video.

I hope that you will enjoy this scenario for TS2020 and thank you for downloading my creation.