The Atlantic Coast Express Railtour Scenario Mini Pack V1.1

The Atlantic Coast Express Railtour Scenario Mini Pack V1.1

5th June 2020 0 By Ben Broomfield


1Z63 – VIC to EXD (Part One) 70 mins

1Z65 – EXD to VIC (Part Two) 30 mins

Scenario’s Description:

1Z63 – take 35028 ‘Clan Line’ from Honiton to Exeter St Davids, with the possibility of being held outside EXC. Arriving into EXD, you’ll then perform the ECS move (5Z64) into Exeter Riverside Yard for servicing.

1Z65 – perform a ECS propell move (5Z64) into EXD after being serviced in Exeter Riverside Yard for the past few hours. Then you’ll form 1Z65 to London Victoria (as far as Whiteball Tunnel due to route scenery limitations).


**Required For Intended Immersion (but will still function if not present)

BMG Rebuilt Merchant Navy Class Locomotive*
BMG AP Mk1 & Mk2A Dual Brake Patches*

AP Mk1 Coach Pack*
AP 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack**
AP 150/2 DMU Pack**
AP HST (MTU) Enhancement Pack
AP JXA/POA Wagon Pack

ATS Mk3 Sliding Door Coaches
ATS Old Oak Common HST Reskin
ATS 220/221 Updated Consists
ATS Class 150/2 LED Headlights**
ATS FGW 150/2 Digital Destination Display (150219)**

JT 220/221 Voyager**

MJW 143 Revamp Pack**

Superalbs GWR Class 80X IET**

VP Railways of Devon & Cornwall v10 Route*
RSC Settle to Carlisle Route** (EWS Wagons)
DTG West Somerset Route** (Trackside/NR Workers)

AP Weather Enhancement Pack**

*** PLUS all the nessasary associated requirements ***

Notes when playing:

– Do occasionaly keep a eye on locos boiler water levels (via gauge glasses) if using Auto Fireman. The fireman (in testing) can occasionaly not always fill the boiler enough, so that during the run, there’s a possibility for a FAIL due to you running out of water.

– AI is not 100% representive of services at the time, pureley just to add more liveliness/enjoyment during the runs.

– There is a BUG with part 2 where a ‘rolling start’ happens for some reason – will be fixed when the issue is found. Doesnt cause a problem with the scenarios playability.

Creators Comments:

Really enjoyed making this mini pack of scenarios & will be attempting more steam hauled charter type scenarios, if feedback is positive! Might even create some gala themed scenarios with the merchant?
I also want to pass over my thanks to Ben @ Bossman Games for the work/effort put into the Merchant Navy, gotta be one of (if not) the best steam loco addon for TS. I really appreciate the hard work/effort
gone into the loco.

Update Log:

V1.1 07/06/20
Updated locomotive disc numbers following BMG patch update v1.7, which changed disc numbers from BR to a simplified SR number/letter scheme.
Removed tail version of SC EWS HTA wagon following a unknown consist error, even if SC was owned.
Added timetabled stop at EXD for Part 1, enabling the scheduler to finish station duties early than booked time.