[CB] Missing Link Scenario Pack

[CB] Missing Link Scenario Pack

20th November 2019 Off By CrankyBot

**Patchnote 26/11** - Only redownload if you have issues with Scenarios 7 - 9; included is an alternative package that changes:
~ Class 175 TfW Livery to Normal Class 175 Arriva Wales Livery
~ Added waypoints to avoid 4M82 being routed to and crashing into the Norton Bridge Portal Buffers instead of continuing up to Crewe.

Presenting the Missing Link scenario pack!

Entails is 9 scenarios with 8 passenger and 1 freight scenarios accumalating over 5 and a half hours of driving!

Featured is:
~ Accurate liveries with the Class 350 as accordance to sources (i.e flickr)
~ Adverse signalling and RTT
~ Chucked in a TSR too!

Route Requirements:
~ SpeedyPete's WCML Missing Link Route [ATS]
~ AP Common Library [Armstrong Powerhouse]
~ RSC's Brighton Mainline [STEAM]

Wagon Requirements:
~ UKTS' Freeware Pack [UKTS]
~ Oovee's MJA Pack [STEAM]
+ RFletcher72's JNA Mendip Rail Reskin [DPSimulation]
+ RFletcher72's IOA Network Rail Reskin [DPSimulation]
~ Oovee's TEA Pack [STEAM / RSC's Class 70]
~ keithmross' WCML Over Shap [STEAM]
+ CaledonianRailwork's MK3 CS Reskin [CaledonianRailworks]

Train Requirements:
~ RSC's Class 66 EWS & FL V2.0 [STEAM]
+ AP's Class 66 Enhancement Pack [AP]
+ RFletcher72's Class 66 FL V2.0 Texture Replace Patch 1 & 2 [DPSimulation]
+ JamesIvell's Class 66 LED Headlights [AlanThomsomSim]
+ Clowes' Class 66 Maritime Reskins [AlanThomsomSim]
+ Clowes' Class 66 GBRf (2018+) Reskin [AlanThomsomSim]
+ BodgeItTMD's Class 66 Freightliner Reskin Pack [AlanThomsonSim]
~ DTG's South Wales Coastal (Bristol - Swansea) [STEAM]
+ RF72's Class 67 ATW Reskin [DPSimulation]
~ DTG's Class 68 Scotrail [STEAM]
+ BHReskin's Class 68 DRS Reskin [Facebook|BHReskins] https://www.facebook.com/BHReskins/photos/a.204550176676836/204557246676129/?type=3#
~ AP/W's Class 90 + Class 90 Freightliner [Armstrong Powerhouse]
~ RSC's Class 92 [STEAM]
+ AP's Class 92 Sound Pack [Armstrong Powerhouse]
~ RSC's Class 159 [STEAM]
+ AP's Class 158 Cummins & Perkins Enhancement Pack [AP]
+ Clowes' Class 158 Perkins Transport for Wales Reskin [AlanThomsonSim]
~ DTG's South Wales Coastal [STEAM]
+ AP's Class 175 Enhancement Pack [AP]
+ MWD's Class 175 Transport for Wales Reskin [Major Wales Design]
~ RSC's GEML Route [STEAM]
+ JFuller's Class 185 "Desiro" Pack [Fuller-sim]
~ JT's Class 220/221 Voyager [JustTrains]
~ RSC's Class 325 [STEAM]
~ DTG's Portsmouth Direct Line [STEAM]
+ AP's Class 350 Enhancement Pack [AP]
~ DTG's Class 390 [STEAM]
+ S9BL's Class 390 [STEAM]
+ Horgy's S9BL Class 390 VT Reskin [DPSimulation]

Some (probable) FAQs:
Q: Can I add the AP Sky/Weather EP?
A: There is an indepth note within the README file that comes along with the download.

Q: Why are there Northern 158s in this region and not Class 319s?
A: To put it simply, I don't have it. However, it's on my wishlist to buy from the income I gain either from my subware content or for Christmas :-). The same can be said for any other train that should probably be within this pack i.e the Class 150, 156 or the 37!

Q: Why add the S9BL model of the Class 390?
A: Some 390 services you'll come across are just static, rather than strain PCs (mine alike) with FPS-draining instances, a lighter FPS version is included.

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