Speculative Future Electrostar Pack – Updated

Speculative Future Electrostar Pack – Updated

13th March 2022 2 By Dale43170

Greater Anglia’s class 379s have now gone off lease and are stored in various places around their network, most speculation suggests they will end up at Great Northern in place of the 387/1s which would then head to Southern. Further to this Southern announced it would stop using it’s Class 455 fleet from the May 2022 timetable change leading to further speculation that 377163 and 164 on long term hire to Southeastern would return to Southern along with the entire 377/5 fleet. This along with the Covid related downturn in commuter traffic should give Southern enough Electrostars to also dispense with it’s 313s.

Included in this pack are –
• Class 377/5 Ex-SouthEastern with Southern logos* and destinations (unbranded variant also included)
• Class 377/5 in full Southern Livery – First class one end only
• Class 379 Ex-Greater Anglia with Great Northern logos and destinations
• Class 387/1 Ex-Great Northern with revised Southern logos and destinations
• Class 387/1 in full Southern livery
• 4, 8 & 12 car Quickdrive consists for all (separate AC & DC options on 377/5 & 387s)

*Looks awful but could happen! – Logos on driving cars only as per 377/1-4s

• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 375/377 EP
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 377/379/387 EP
• DTG Chatham Mainline and/or DTG Chatham Mainline and Medway Valley