SP: 7V89 16:38 Hamworthy B.C.I – Merehead Quarry (WTT)

SP: 7V89 16:38 Hamworthy B.C.I – Merehead Quarry (WTT)

31st October 2021 2 By Sami Pitfield

SP: 7V89 16:38 Hamworthy B.C.I – Merehead Quarry

The contruction of the Puddletown bypass on the A35 led to a rise in stone freight down to Hamworthy which was the main stone terminal in the area. Trains came down from the likes of Merehead and Whatley Quarry. You have 37505 & 174 double heading 7V89, the empties back to Merehead Quarry on a warm summers evening in 1998.

Hi and thanks for looking at this scenario for the Southampton to Bournemouth route.

Difficulty: Medium (2)

Scenario length: 50 Minutes


To install this scenario simply extract the .zip file given and drag and drop the ‘content’ file into your RailWorks directory.



Southampton to Bournemouth Route
European Loco & Asset Pack
Class 442 EMU


Class 411/412 EMU
Class 37 Vol 1 & Vol 2
Class 47 Sound Pack (Extra Stock)
Class 442 Sound Pack
Class 43 HST Valenta EP
JXA Wagon Pack
FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
Weather EP (Recommended not needed)


Class 442 SWT Pre C6 Reskin

Class 442: South West Trains

Class 43 HST Revamp Pack
Class 411/412 Weathering Patch

Class 411/412 Weathering Patch

Class 442 NetworkSouthEast Reskin

If there is something missing please let me know and I will change it, the same applies with any scenario problems.

Thanks, Sami P.