[SC] 1A26 Liverpool Lime Street – London Euston

[SC] 1A26 Liverpool Lime Street – London Euston

26th October 2021 2 By Strangechris

[SC] 1A26 Liverpool Lime Street – London Euston

Route: ATS Chat Moss
Route Covered: Edge Hill – Liverpool Lime Street – Manchester Piccadilly
Traction: Virgin Trains Class 57/3 + Class 390 Pendolino
Date: March 2007
Time at start: 0838
Weather at start: Fair Cloud
Duration: 60 minutes
Difficulty: 3/5

With the WCML between Liverpool South Parkway and Crewe closed for engineering works Virgin Trains are diverting their Liverpool – London services via the Chat Moss route to Manchester and south to Crewe. This was long before the route was electrified so the Pendolinos had to be dragged by Class 57 Thunderbirds. Today you’re running one of these services starting light engine at Edge Hill and coupling up to a Pendolino in Lime Street station before running non-stop to Manchester.

Version history: V1.1 12/11/2021: Fix to some AI causing a collision for some users.

Requirements (links to all are contained within the manual):
AP Sky/Weather pack
AP Class 142
AP Class 150/2
AP Class 156
AP Class 66 Enhancement pack
AP Class 150/1 Enhancement pack
AP Class 158 Cummins Enhancement pack
AP Class 170 Enhancement pack
AP Class 175 Enhancement pack 2.0
AP Class 350 Enhancement pack
AP MGR wagon pack

ATS Chat Moss
ATS Class 185

BMG Black Five

DTG Portsmouth Direct Line
DTG South Wales Coastal (unbranded)
DTG Class 67 Pack 03 (for EWS reskin of BYA from discontinued AP Class 67 SP)
DTG Class 150/1
DTG Virgin Trains Class 390 (discontinued)

JT Class 60 with BH reskins pack (for Colas)
JT Class 221 Voyager 2019

RSC Settle Carlisle
RSC Class 66 EWS
RSC Class 66 Freightliner
RSC Class 159

S9BL Class 390 with Horgy ‘Virgin’ reskin