(RP) 7A71 Whatley Quarry-Acton T.C

(RP) 7A71 Whatley Quarry-Acton T.C

8th April 2020 0 By Robin Price

JGA Aggregate Hopper Wagons, File number 37656
class 59 reskin, file number 37844

Colas class 70 and requirements for this reskin

Medway Valley line

Armstrong Powerhouse
class 66 ap(L1)
JHA Wagons
JNA wagons
Class 158 EP

Just Trains SouthWestern Expressway

VP Reading-Pewsey Extension
I think that is it. I do apologize if i have missed anything out.

You pick up 7A71 00:31 Whatley Quarry-Acton T.C just before Frome North Junction. take this train all the way to Theale Yard where you will be relieved by a london man. Your only stop will be Westbury Up Reception where you will have to wait for the 158 to go into the engine sidings. Please note your MAX SPEED IS 45MPH. Also, in the write up it says you have 42 wagons. You actually only have 30, this is to minimize wheel slip. Please enjoy. Times and AI traffic were taken from Network rail date in february.