MLH03b : 4S81 Wentloog to Coatbridge

MLH03b : 4S81 Wentloog to Coatbridge

23rd January 2020 0 By MatthewLeeHancox

Rolling Stock Used in MLH03b: 4S81 Wentloog Coatbridge for Welsh Marches Neport to Shrewsbury

CreativeRail\China clay for Export
DTG\BristolCardiff + AP sound for the freight wagons (Optional)
JustTrains\Class20 + AP sound (Optional)
JustTrains\Class60 + AP sound

Yes this is all that’s required. The rest of it being default to BMG Welsh Marches or Bristol Cardiff


Hereford to Shrewsbury leg of 4S81


Use the included exe or copy content folder to your main railworks Folder.