[mjt] 1M18 17:30 Glasgow Central – London Euston (FULL JOURNEY)

[mjt] 1M18 17:30 Glasgow Central – London Euston (FULL JOURNEY)

26th June 2023 10 By mattyjt02

Thank you for downloading this 4-part full run scenario, where you’ll be taking on service 1-Mike-18, the 17:30 Avanti West Coast service all the way from Glasgow Central to London Euston on a beautiful midweek evening – covering the following routes:
> ATS/SpeedyPete’s WCML NW and Scotland (Part 1)
> ATS WCML Midlands and Northwest (Part 2)
> DTG/TI WCML Trent Valley (Part 3)
> DTG WCML South (Part 4)

Setting: June 2023
Total Duration: ~300 minutes (5 hours)
Track Covered: Glasgow Central – London Euston via the WCML
Traction: 390148 – ‘Flying Scouseman’

On this beautiful June evening, you will be taking on the 17:30 Avanti West Coast service all the way from Glasgow Central up to London Euston. There are no signs of rain forecasted this evening and the weather should remain so as we race towards the capital tonight. However, you should remain vigilant as we depart Glasgow during the midst of the evening rush hour – and we may find ourselves caught up amongst the other slower traffic heading towards London.

We will be calling at:
Lockerbie (18:24), Carlisle (18:43), Penrith North Lakes (19:01), Oxenholme Lake District (19:25), Lancaster (19:40), Preston (19:58), Wigan North Western (20:13), Warrington Bank Quay (20:24), Crewe (20:44), Rugby (21:31), Milton Keynes Central (21:52), and London Euston (22:27).

(30/06/23) – Scenarios for Parts 2 and 3 should now automatically unzip to their Content/Routes/Scenarios folders.

(please ensure you have *ALL* requirements, some freeware/reskins and EPs assume you own their respective requirements already)

…all routes listed above, and…
-AP Sky & Weather 2.0 (*HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*)
-AP Class 156 DMU Pack
-AP Class 150/1 EP
-AP Class 150/2 DMU Pack
-AP Class 158 (Cummins) EP
-AP Class 158 (Perkins) EP
-AP Class 170 EP
-AP Class 319 EMU Pack Vol.1
-AP Class 321 EMU Pack
-AP Class 325 EP
-AP Class 350 EP
-AP Class 365 EP
-AP Class 377/379/387 EP
-AP Class 66 EP
-AP Class 68 EP
-AP Class 800-803 EP
-AP Class 37 Locomotive Pack V1 (*Stationary)
-AP Class 390 SP
-AP Class 90/Mk3 DVT Pack
-AP Class 92 SP
-AP FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
-AP JNA-C Wagon Pack
-AP JXA-POA Wagon Pack
-DTG Birmingham Cross City Line
-DTG Freightliner Class 70 Loco
-Glasgow Airport Rail Link…OR…ScotRail Class 380 EMU
-Just Trains Voyager Advanced 2019
-WCML Trent Valley

-Caledonian Sleeper Mk3A Sleeper Pack (by JAMES IVELL)
-Class 158 TfW (by CLOWES)
-Class 170 West Midlands Trains (& Ex-LM) (by CLOWES)
-Class 319 LM/LNWR Livery Pack (by JAMES IVELL)
-Class 323 Sound Mod (by Steve Green)
-Class 323 Arrivia Northern & Centro Liveries (by OLLI35)
-Class 350 Cab and Pass View Patch (by JAMES IVELL)
-Class 90 G&W Freightliner (by BODGE IT TMD)
-Class 92 Caledonian Sleeper (by JAMESIVELL)
-Megafret ‘Less CO2’ reskin (by Callum Green) (see DPS 3rd Party Reskins or trainsimdev.com)
-MJW Arriva Rail Northern Class 170 Reskin
-MJW Class 390 Revamp Pack
-MJW Class 66 EWS/DB Nameplates
-MJW Class 66 Freightliner Nameplates
-OTS KFA Binliner Pack (+ AP Modern Wagon SP – *optional* if you want intended sounds, but not essential)
-SemaphoreSimulations Meridian/Voyager Advanced 2019 Overhaul 4.4
-Virtual District Line 73refurb tube stock (also AVAILABLE WITH WCML South v5.3 by ALEX55)

> SPAD-ing – On only one occasion this should occur throughout the entire scenario. This happens in Part 4 just north of Bilsworth Sidings. A waypoint has been deployed near this red signal to remind you to press TAB.
> Due to the current absence in TSC with the Class 88s, Northern’s Civities, and TfW’s Class 197, these trains are instead represented by the AP Class 68, MajorWales’ Arriva Northern Class 170 Reskin, and CLOWES TfW Class 158, respectively.
> I haven’t included any stationary rolling stock around Basford Hall and the surrounding area, since this can have a detrimental effect on frame rates for some people.

1) Download and extract the provided zip file, where you will find 4 separate folders corresponding to each of the 4 parts of the scenario.
2) Within these separate folders, navigate to their individual ‘Contents’ folders. Simply drag these ‘Contents’ folders into your railworks folder, and the scenario should be installed!