[LG] Class 170 Scenario Pack

[LG] Class 170 Scenario Pack

18th August 2019 2 By Lukas5185

In the Class 170 Scenario Pack, 7 highly detailed and accurate scenarios are included, the base details for these scenarios are listed below and the requirements and other information can be found in each scenarios respective manual.

1. Service: 1V01 05:00 Birmingham New Street – Cardiff Central
Unit: Cross Country, 170636
Track Covered: Caldicot – Cardiff Central
Route: South Wales Coastal (Bristol – Cardiff)
Duration: 35 Minutes
Date set: 8th August 2018

2. Service: 2C12 08:08 Leeds – Knaresborough *This one needs to be updated! I am aware of the issue and it will be sorted at some point*
Unit: Northern, 170475
Track Covered: Leeds – Knaresborough
Route: Harrogate Loop (Vulcan Productions)
Duration: 50 Minutes
Date set: 27th March 2019

3. Service: 2C42 13:17 Worcester Shrub Hill – Dorridge
Unit: London Midland 170632 & 153364
Track covered: Birmingham Snow Hill – Dorridge
Route: Just Trains Chiltern Mainline
Duration: 25 Minutes
Date Set: 14th November 2013

4. Service: 2K62 09:09 Cambridge – Norwich
Unit: Greater Anglia, 170270
Track Covered: Attleborough – Norwich
Route: Breckland Line (Guterbahnhof)
Duration: 25 Minutes
Date set: 4th June 2019

5. Service: 2P22 13:36 Norwich – Great Yarmouth
Unit: Greater Anglia, 170272
Track Covered: Norwich – Great Yarmouth
Route: Armstrong Powerhouse Wherry Lines
Duration: 35 Minutes
Date set: 19th April 2019

6. Service: 5A04 05:10 Wolverhampton – Rugeley Trent Valley
Unit: London Midland, 170507 & 153375
Track Covered: Stafford – Rugeley Trent Valley
Route: WCML Trent Valley
Duration: 15 Minutes
Date set: 16th February 2015

7. Service: 5L33 06:06 Haymarket Depot – Edinburgh
Unit: Scotrail, 170415
Track Covered: Haymarket Depot – Edinburgh
Route: Edinburgh – Glasgow Electrified (Steam Workshop)
Duration: 20 Minutes
Date set: 14th August 2019

All of this added together equals: 205 Minutes of driving time (That’s 3 hours 25 minutes in the Queens English!), and around 100 miles worth of driving too.

Each scenario is as highly detailed and accurate to real life as I feel I could possibly make it, each scenario comes with it’s own unique manual, each of which states:
– Instructions on how to install
– Requirements for each scenario (and where to get them from)
– General information about the scenario (Date, Weather, Unit Livery & Number etc.)
– Information about what AI and static stock you will see during the scenario.

I have also included in the manual(s) consist information for both loco-hauled and freight trains!

No coach or wagon appears twice in the same scenario so every item of rolling stock is numbered differently as per real life and the loco-hauled formations are based off real and accurate formations from around the same time period (usually the same month) as the scenario is set in!

I have also taken the liberty with wagons numbered with RIV numbers to make sure the check digits are accurate too as well as wagons that run in pairs. Eg: ‘83.70.4520.068-5’ & ‘83.70.4520.069-3’ are together as per reality as well as wagons such as: ‘640073’ & ‘640074’ which are Freightliner Twin Container Flats, I have ensured that each pair is correct!

Lastly, I hope you enjoy these scenarios! If you have any problems don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, and also let me know what you thought if them in general as a lot of research and time went into these so it would be nice to know if you enjoyed them. And also, if you have any requests for any type of scenario pack (whether that be based on a route or traction type) let me know! ?