[LC] 5Z01-1Z01 Wolverton – Kings Lynn – Wolverton

[LC] 5Z01-1Z01 Wolverton – Kings Lynn – Wolverton

9th December 2021 0 By TrainSpotter420

Standard Scenario for 4Aspect Sim Ely – Kings Lynn
Scenario Length:
Part one: approx 35mins
Part two: approx 45mins


Good evening driver, your tasked with taking the royal train TNT with a class 67 & 66 to Kings Lynn tonight on a training run (part 1 scenario). Once at Lynn you’ll head back to Ely where another driver will take over (part 2 scenario). We also have escort trains to as this run is top security! It’s the dead of night & no passenger trains are about (except at the start of the part 2 scenario) which is a good time to carry out training like this!


This scenario is based off a real event (Friday 17th into Saturday 18th September 2021) when 67007 & 66078 took the royal train stock to Kings Lynn on a training run with 68001, 68007, 88010 & 68033 being escort trains each pair (68001 with 68007 & 88010 with 68033) having one DRS MK2 sandwiched between the locos filed with security! I’ve had to heavily alterate the path on the return leg because what actually happened was that 1Z01 (royal train) went round the Ely Avoider Curve and onto the Ely – PBO Line very breifly in order to rotate the set around (so the 67 would lead towards London) and were routed towards Queen Adelaide via a ground signal, however on this route there is no ground signal so i couldn’t replicate this manoeuvre. So instead you’ll take it straight to Ely P3 (for some reason TS wouldn’t let me path this into P2).


Class 67
Class 67 Jubilee
DTG European Community Asset Pack
DTG EWS Class 66 V2.0
DTG Class 68

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Class 67 Enhancement Pack
Class 68 Enhancement Pack
Mk2 Coach Pack
Class 387 Enhancement Pack
Mk3 Coach Sound Pack

4Aspect Sim:
Ely to Kings Lynn Route (and its other dependencies)

Alan Thomson Sim:
EWS Company Train MK3