[JWT] 2B15 08:18 London Bridge – Reigate

[JWT] 2B15 08:18 London Bridge – Reigate

3rd October 2021 4 By Jack Clemens

During a misty Morning in November 2016 – you must drive the 08:18 service from London Bridge to Reigate and Tonbridge. You will divide the train at Redhill and carry on to Reigate. The latter portion of the train carries on to Tonbridge. It’s a peak-time service so please be vigilant!


Just Trains:
-Common Library (After MML)

Armstrong Powerhouse:
-375/377 EP
-377/379/387 EP
-465/466 EP vol.1
-455 EP vol.2
-66 EP (including the RSC 66 packs)
-JXA/POA wagon pack
-442 Sound Pack
-377/378 Sound Pack
-AP Sky/Weather EP

-Danny’s Workshop Route North London, Goblin and South London to Brighton 2015-16
-DTG class 378 London Overground

Good Morning driver – Set yourself up here at London Bridge.
Please only close the doors at the allocated departure times.

GSM-R: 2B15 / SIG: 493
PIS: Auto-Set
Once uncoupled at Redhill set PIS: 1032

WTT timings:
London Bridge (dep 08.18)
Norwood Jn (arr 08.34 / dep 08.35)
East Croydon (arr 08.38)
Coulsdon Sth (arr 08.48 / dep 08.49)
Redhill (arr 08.56 / dep 09.02) *Service Divides*
Reigate (arr 09.06)

To Install this scenario simply copy both ‘Assest’ and ‘Content’ file to your Railworks Directory.