(Now Obsolete) Fuller Simulations Class 185 Pack (V2.2.1)

(Now Obsolete) Fuller Simulations Class 185 Pack (V2.2.1)

31st October 2019 15 By nymr1

Built upon the AP Patched 185, the Fuller Simulations 185 has been brought up to standards and is vastly improved over it’s predecessor.

All the main features from the AP 175 (Sounds, Physics, etc.)
Custom Destinations that work with the 175’s TMS
Custom QD Consists (Including 3 and 6 car variations)
Custom Passenger Views

Autonumbering is now fixed but the middle coach will not show a destination if used as AI but will if it is the Player Train and the TMS has been set up as per usual.

DTG’s South Wales Coastal Route
Armstrong Powerhouse’s Class 175 Enhancement Pack (V2 ONLY – Original is no longer supported due to scripting changes)
Armstrong Powerhouse’s Class 350 or 450 Enhancement Pack

​V1 – Initial Release.
V2 – Updated Physics, New Interior Sounds. New Pass Views. Fixed other bugs. (Autonumbers are still not working correctly)
V2.01 – Added New Passenger view to Dynamic Lines (Late) Variant
V2.1 – Updated to use APs 175 EP V2.
V2.11 – Fixed New Quick Drive Consists
V2.2 – Fixed Autonumbering and CDL lights for AI
V2.2.1 – Updated Manual to Include Scenario Destination Codes