FGW Class 43 & Mk3’s Press lauch livery

FGW Class 43 & Mk3’s Press lauch livery

11th May 2022 2 By Keemac95

Hi and thank you for having a look and downloading my Class 43 FGW Press launch livery Reskin

In 2006 FGW decided to do a press launch for the then new FGW franchise and rolled out 43004/009 and three Mk3’s in the first version of the dynamic lines livery however this livery was very short lived and by the end of 2006 it was gone

unfortunately due to my lack of knowledge of Installers this is supplied in the old “copy and paste” of the geos method

European Loco and asset pack
AP Class 43 MTU & Valenta EP’s
MJW Class 43 revamp pack

A readme is included in the download and I’ve also added the TSO and kept the number file in it’s original state so if you wish to do a “what if” fgw kept this livery instead of the toned down Blue version you can do so