Class 90 Freightliner ‘Zero Injuries’ Patch – v1.1 –

Class 90 Freightliner ‘Zero Injuries’ Patch – v1.1 –

26th November 2019 0 By Bodge It TMD

Since 2015 Freightliner have been applying ‘Zero Injuries’ decals to its entire fleet of locomotives. This patch adds a separate variant of the Freightliner Green and Powerhaul liveries for the AP/Waggonz Class 90 to include these decals.
This does not overwrite the default files.

What’s included?
– Freightliner Green variant with yellow/grey decals
– Powerhaul variant with white/grey/black decals
– 2 Quick Drive consists

– AP Class 90 (Freightliner) Pack

– A Readme is included with more info and instructions, please read it carefully!

Changes in v1.1
– Added Quick Drive consists
– New higher quality decals
– Removed Freightliner Grey variant