[CB] Southernario Mini Pack 2

[CB] Southernario Mini Pack 2

7th September 2019 0 By CrankyBot

Scenario(s) Requested by: aaronjames2083

Southernario Mini Pack makes its return with a Second Edition!

Entailed is 3 scenarios with up to 1 hour & 40 minutes of drive time as you cope with the busy timetables of South London from West Croydon, Beckenham Junction and by the Shard itself – London Bridge!

Route Requirement:
Danny’s North London, Goblin & South London Merge Route [STEAM WORKSHOP]

Scenario Requirements:
~ DTG’s Chatham Mainline [STEAM]
~ RSC’s South London Network [STEAM] + Superalbs’ Class 377/6/7 Southern Reskin [Superalbs] + Superalbs’ Class 387 Gatwick Express Reskin [Superalbs]
~ DTG’s Class 378 [STEAM]
~ DTG’s Class 455/8 [STEAM]
~ RSC’s Brighton Mainline [STEAM] + Superalbs’ Class 700/707/717 [AlanThomsomSim]